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Canara-Bank Placement Papers
Canara Bank Specialist officer - Computer Programmer [JMGS Scale
results have come out and i have been selected.I have got the
letter & i  joined  canara bank .

My experience:written exam 9th oct 2005  

result 19th jan 2006interview   date 25 march 2006. For interview
total 25
people on a day--- divided into morning and afternoonsessions.
Time given Afternoon session 1-15pmsame time to 12 people.
time take for each candidate 20- 25 min4 panel members .

Q-- what do you think about unionism attitude?

Q -- tell the names of all subjects studied in Mca.

Q -- 3 fav subjects;  then Qs on each [this is the bait they
really fry u
onthese topics]Ans--dbms, AI, networks.
-- name types of dbmsQ -- difference between hierchical and
structure in dbms?

Q -- what else have you learnt in dbms?

Q -- what is data integrity?

Q -- what have you learnt in AI?

Q -- define artifitial intelligence and neural networks?

Q -- say someting about n/ws?

Q -- how many layers r there in osi model?

Q -- name them?

Q -- which is your favourite layers?

Ans--transport layer.

Q -- say something about trans layer?

Q-- what projects have you done?

Q-- write first 10 lines of code of your project & explain them ?

Q-- can you be a team leader inspite of being a fresher?

Q-- can you be a team member?

Q-- what do you want to become - a manager or a leader?

Q-- will you do a job that you dont find interesting but your
team leader
isexcited abt? what if its data entry?

Q-- what is your principle "work out of pleasure or pleasure out
of work"y

ans -- you are forerunner in IT services. you have implementedred
hat linux
open office.they are surprised . This is official and internal
matter how
did u know.ans -- its on net.

what do you think is better win or linux. give 3 pts.

Q- define:1) firewall2) ethical hacking?
Q-  what is gdpans Gross domestic Product?
Q -define it .

They pay a great deal of attention to accent & body language. they in
factcommented among themselves aloud about my habit of quote
unquote as
westernstyle and that it is taught in coaching classes.

comQ-- have u been to coaching classes? for what?
Q-- what do u know abt Banking?
Q-- what was Hilters policy?
Q-- what was his slogan/motto?
Q-- what is core banking?