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Cadance placement papers
Cadance Placement Papers | Cadance Interview Procedure |
Cadance Aptitude Questions | Cadance Technical Questions |
Cadance Interview Questions

10 qs were from s/w and 10 from h/w and
rest 55 qs were from Aptitude. Apti qs were analytical and
were to be done
in 45 min. most of them were of GRE type.
There were some qs in figures, ie find the next figure
Also find the odd one out, among some figures etc, jumbled
words, refer to
some IMS material on non verbal figurative test.
then ther wer paragraph based qs, comprehension qs,
also some qs on suffix and prefix eg
BEG__SIDE is given, 'IN' if filled in the blanks give two
words BEGIN and
INSIDE, like that.
 Also in my next mail I will be sending some more qs from
Cadence paper.
Till then you should prepare throughly for aptitude

Cadance Placement Papers | Cadance Interview Procedure |
Cadance Aptitude Questions | Cadance Technical Questions |
Cadance Interview Questions

1. Inorder and preorder trees (expressions) are given and
postorder tree (
expression) is to be found out.

2. int v,u;
   while(v != 0)
    t = v % u;
    v = u;
  u = t;
 find the time complexity of the above program.

3. x is passed by reference, y passed by value.
  x = 3, y = 2;
  foo(x, y)
  var integer x, y;
   x = x + 2;
   y = y + 3;
  x = 5;
  y = 5;
 foo(x, y);
  print (x, y);
output of the above pseudo code.

4. given a grammar, in which some productions of if then
else etc were
given. you had to choose one option that can be derived out
of the

5. how many flip flops you require for modulo 19 counter.
6. ring counter's initial state is 01000. after how many
clock cylces will
it return to the initial state.

7. some boolesn expression of the form x'y'z' + yz + .. (
something like
this) find the simplified expression

8. given 6 bit mantissa in 2s complement form and 4 bit
exponent is in
excess-4 form in a floating point representation, find the
ans -(something) * ( 2 to the power 3)

9. A signed no is stored in 10-bit register, what is the
max and min
possible value of the number.

A few apti qs are follows.
10.  A room is 30 X 12 X 12. a spider is ont the middle of
the samller
wall, 1 feet from the top, and a fly is ont he middle of
the opposite wall
1 feet from the bottom. what is the min distance reqd for
the spider to
crawl to the fly.

11. A man while going dowm in a escalator(which is miving
down) takes 50
steps to reach down and while going up takes 125 steps. If
he goes 5 times
faster upwards than downwards. What will be the total no of
steps if the
escalator werent moving.

12. 2/3 of corckery(plates) are broken, 1/2 have someother
broken , 1/4 are both broken and handle broken. Ultimately
only 2 pieces
of corckery were without any defect. How many crockery were
there in

 ___|___       ___|___              ___|___             |
|       |     |       |            |       |            |
|       |__   |       |___         |       |___         |
|_______|  |  |_______|   |__not_  |_______|   |        |
           |                     |             |        |

boxes are negative edge triggered flip flops and 'not'
and 'and' are
gates. What is this figure.
ans-  modulo-5