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Diary of A College Girl 
  Author :  M.laxmi Konar,Mumbai      Sunday, October 5, 2008  

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It's that time of the year again, the Rush Hour for admissions in Anna University- and so in all the colleges across the country. Anna University's St.Joseph's College of Engineering student Priyanka Gupta sent us this first-hand account of the hip-hop college life which, according to her, can be summed up in just three letters - F...U...N

The end of an era, the beginning of a new world: the departure from the protective environment of school and the arrival of the open era of college. Anna University is an experience worth living and then savouring for the rest of your life.

In the beginning seeing so many unfamiliar faces is the only reality that intimidates you. So it is important not to lose your cool or composure. I was forewarned and I survived the anxiety attacks.

A junior at college, Ragini doing her BE (CSE) told me she felt a sudden nostalgia for school and had a mad urge to go back. ""At least everyone there knew who I was,"" she cribbed half in fear and half in jest.

A month before college began, I visited most of Chennai's happening shopping joints, Spencer Plaza, T Nagar, Adyar, I saw so many girls just like me shopping and grabbing everything they could before anyone else could lay their hands on them.

I figure these markets are so popular because most of us are shopping on a budget, and don't like spending too much money on fashion trends that fizzle out in a season.

The First day in college I saw some girls wearing the funky stuff that I saw on the racks in the markets. From Salwar suit to bangles to earrings and ankle bands, you name it and it was on display on the campus ramp.

Bags are a big hit. On the first day, it appeared every girl was carrying these shoulder bags with embroidery on them. Even some guys had them slung across their shoulders though there seemed nothing in them!

What I couldn't help noticing was the jewellery that guys like to wear to college. Rings, chains, bracelets that they probably bought from silver shops at Sarvana Bhawans or some other trinket place. It's easy to create a fashion trend in Chennai. Just display it in some stalls in popular markets and young people will pick them up.

One of the fun things about college is the freedom to eat anything, any time. Unlike break time in school when lunch boxes are demolished the time the bell rings, things work differently in college. You find some great food in cafeterias. From dosas to burgers to chips and fizzy drinks, to the all-time favourite Maggie Noodles, the College campus has them all. The subsidised rates make these goodies all the more inviting!

And then there's the other important thing to do. Hit the Satyam path and spend a few leisurely hours watching a boring film in the company of stimulating friends who keep laughing at all the wrong places.

Whether it is eating or fashioning, bunking or shopping college life can be explained in just three letters - F-U-N. And everyday brings in a new challenge of exploring new food joints, discussing movies, bitching about other people and wondering why time is in such a fleeting hurry. Wish it could stand still and college life lasts a lifetime!

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